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 Interview coming up on New Books Network this fall!


October 2021:

online event hosted by the International Society for the Study of Surrealism (ISSS)


November 2021:

paper "Toyen's Queer Surrealism," in panel Queer Approaches, at SECAC, Lexington, Kentucky





June 23, interviewed by Betty Bolté (about Too Early to Know Who's Winning)


June 8, Reading at the Moonlit Cello - Music & Literature Series hosted by Radio Habana, San Francisco


June 3, Reading at the Hamfest, San Francisco


Interviewed by Maggie Smith on the WFWA podcast Hear Us Roar! (about In Search of the Magic Theater)


April 1 at 4:30, book event at The Literary, 122 N Neil St, Champaign, IL


March 31, Keynote address at the annual Czech/Slovak Studies Workshop, University of Illinois


Interviewed by Karen E. Osborne (about Too Early to Know Who's Winning)


Another interview with Clifford Garstang! about Too Early to Know Who's Winning


March 9, 8-author reading at Optimism Brewery, Seattle


January 23, Rosewood Gallery book group, Kettering, Ohio 




December: Books available at the St. Anne's Hill Christmas tour gift shop


October 8: Author event at the San Francisco Public Library, Bernal Heights branch


September 17: book signing at Joseph-Beth bookstore, Cincinnati, 11:00 a.m.


August 25: Interview with me on Joy E. Held's Books By My Friends


August 18: the Bookable Space podcast, with host Yvonne Battle-Felton, reading from and talking about In Search of the Magic Theater


July 22: Interview on Betty Bolté's blog


June 27: Interviewed by Christina Consolino


June 25: book signing at Crepe Bohème, Second Street Market, Dayton, Ohio


June 18: book signing with authors Erin Flanagan, Valerie Nieman, and Jess Montgomery at the Barnes & Noble in Beavercreek, Ohio (Dayton area)


June 11: participated in Bookish Road Trip's Second Annual Book Tasting (video here)


June 10 at 7:00: talk on Toyen at the Dayton Society of Artists, High Street Gallery


June 7: Interviewed by Sarahlyn Bruck


June 5 at 2:00: book launch party for In Search of the Magic Theater at Ghostlight in Dayton, Ohio


June 1: Interviewed by Clifford Garstang about In Search of the Magic Theater


May 11, 2022: Zoom discussion of Toyen and gender and sexuality, online, sponsored by Společnost pro queer paměť with Czech Fulbright and CRAACE (Continuity/Rupture: Art and Architecture in Central Europe 1918-1939); watch on YouTube


February 2022: talk on Prague surrealism during the Nazi occupation, at the CAA conference




Interview with John Raimo at New Books Network (listen!)


November 2021: "Toyen and Myth" in panel on Toyen at the ISSS conference


October 27, 2021, online launch hosted by the International Society for the Study of Surrealism (ISSS). Not currently on YouTube but maybe at some point.


September 17, 2021, "Not Just Toyen: How Should We Envision First-Republic Women and Gender?" Keynote Address at the Czechoslovak Studies Group Conference "Reimagining the Heart of Europe," online hosted by University of Oxford, UK


August 8, 2021: San Francisco Public Library



(watch via YouTube)


August 5, 2021: "Toyen and Czech Surrealism," the Czech Center, New York



(watch via YouTube)