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Too Early to Know Who's Winning

Advance Praise

"With clear eyes, courage, and wit, Karla Huebner's Too Early to Know Who's Winning captures the uncertainty, fear, desperation, and grief of the early Trump era. Through the eyes of her protagonist, professor and historian Jacobine Flaa, Huebner recounts the harrowing days of the new normal, a time in which everyday life seemed otherworldly and the unimaginable likely, in which hate-speech, bigotry, and outbursts of violence began to fray communities, and Americans rediscovered their capacity for protest. From "American carnage" to alternative facts, from the Muslim ban to the Women's March, from the Russia investigation to Charlottesville, Huebner documents the emotion and psychological fracturing of a nation. Too Early to Know Who's Winning is also a penetrating exploration of mortality, companionship, mental health, and the search for glimmers of light in an ever-darkening world." –Fredrick Soukup, author of Bliss and Blood Up North